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Sales Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Date: 01.01.2024
All travelers who purchase a tour via Bonisa Global Pty Ltd (“Tour Operator”) must agree to be bound by the following, which forms the terms of your travel contract.

Bonisa Global Pty Ltd, a company incorporated in South Africa, is the exclusive provider of all travel services outlined herein and bears complete responsibility for the delivery and quality of the tour packages offered.

Tubale LLC, established under the laws of Delaware as a limited liability company, operates exclusively as a payment processing gateway. It does not engage in or provide any of the travel services mentioned within these terms and conditions.

By processing your payment through Tubale LLC, you acknowledge and accept that your contractual agreement for travel services is directly with Bonisa Global Pty Ltd. The terms and conditions set forth here primarily govern your relationship and any agreements made with Bonisa Global Pty Ltd regarding your travel arrangements.

A VALID PASSPORT is required for all citizens travelling to South Africa. It is the traveler's responsibility to secure such & to ensure they do not require a visa to their destination. Note that passports must be valid at least 6 months beyond your travel date to be accepted.

1.Bonisa Global, ("BG"), collaborates with independent contractors to offer accommodation, transportation, and various services as part of your travel package. Serving as the "Tour Operator," BG and its related companies, employees, and agents do not possess or manage any entities that supply goods or services for these trips. Given that the "Tour Operator" does not exercise control over the suppliers' staff, machinery, or overall operations, it accepts no liability for any injuries, fatalities, loss of property, accidents, delays, discomforts, or disruptions caused by (1) the wrongful, negligent, deliberate, or unauthorized actions or failures of any tour suppliers, their employees, or agents, (2) any malfunction or failure of any vehicle, equipment, or instrumentality owned or operated by the suppliers, or (3) any negligent, intentional, or wrongful acts or omissions by any third party outside BG's supervision.

2. BG is not responsible for any loss, injury, inconvenience, or additional expense resulting from conflicts, civil unrest, labor strikes, natural disasters, fires, operational delays, adverse weather, or any conditions beyond their control.

3. Booking Process:
A reservation becomes official once BG receives a deposit. Following an initial inquiry, BG will reserve a provisional spot for 7 days without any commitment. If a deposit is not made or there is no communication from the client to extend this provisional reservation within this period, the reservation will lapse, making the spot available to others.

4. Deposits:
A non-refundable deposit is required to secure any booking. For standard tours, the deposit is as follows:
  • 3-4 day tours: $300 USD per person
  • Tours exceeding 4 days: $500 USD per person
  • For custom itineraries, a deposit of 25% of the total quoted rate is required.
5. Full Payment:
The full balance for the tour must be settled 60 days prior to the tour start date. We will issue a final invoice at this point to facilitate the completion of your payment process.

Bookings made within 60 days of the tour start require immediate full payment at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation.
Advertised prices are based on cash transactions; please be aware that payments made via credit card incur a 3.5% fee, and bank wire transfers a $25 fee.

6. BG will assist in making any requested changes to your confirmed travel plans without imposing an amendment fee, although there is no assurance that such changes can be accommodated. It's crucial to understand that fees for amendments charged by other service providers must be covered by the traveler.

7. To cancel a tour, BG requires written notification from you, as cancellations by word of mouth are not recognized. Cancellation fees, which are detailed in the specific terms of the ground operator, will apply. BG acts as an intermediary in these instances. For tours or custom itineraries directly managed by BG, the following cancellation fee structure is in place:

  • Up to 90 days prior to arrival, 100% of rooms/excursions/transport may be cancelled at no cost.
  • Up to 60 days prior to arrival, a 70% cancellation fee will apply on rooms/excursions/transport.
  • Up to 30 days prior to arrival, a 100% cancellation fee will apply on rooms/excursions/transport.
8. BG highly recommends purchasing Travel Insurance to safeguard against potential travel disruptions, including cancellations due to medical reasons, and to protect your personal belongings. While Travel Safe is our preferred insurance provider, we encourage participants to select a policy that best fits their individual needs.

9. All our ground partners set their prices in the local currency. The USD rates provided for BG tours are based on the exchange rate at the time of listing. BG retains the right to adjust these USD rates without any prior notification if the exchange rate fluctuates by 2% or more. For the most current exchange rate information, please refer to www.xe.com.

10. The prices quoted include all applicable taxes and VAT (Value Added Tax), where relevant. Should there be any substantial modifications in tax rates or legislation, BG holds the right to revise USD pricing accordingly without prior notice.

Tour Expectations: BG upholds a welcoming and inclusive "All Welcome" policy.

11. Travelers should note that standards of living, practices, conditions, and styles regarding utilities, services, accommodations, and facilities can vary significantly when abroad. Experiencing and appreciating the diverse ways of life in different countries is one of the delightful aspects of international travel.

12. Your tour includes daily breakfast, which may be either a full-cooked breakfast or a continental style. Dinner provisions are specified in each tour's itinerary, offering either two or three courses with tap water, tea, or coffee: a starter, main, and dessert, or a main course with a choice of starter or dessert. Please note that other beverages, lunches, and any incidental expenses are not covered.

13. All provided descriptions for accommodations, vehicles, and other facilities are made in good faith and are accurate based on our knowledge. Should you have any complaints or concerns regarding accommodations, vehicles, or services, please address them directly with the management or owner at once, and inform BG at your earliest convenience. Be aware that guide assignments may change due to illness or emergencies without prior notice.

14. To ensure the comfort and well-being of all tour participants, smoking is prohibited on vehicles, within accommodations, and in restaurants. We encourage seat rotation on the vehicle to enhance the experience for everyone, and regular comfort stops are made each day for your convenience.

15. Clients are expected to inform BG of any dietary restrictions, mobility challenges, or disabilities to facilitate planning and accommodations, where feasible. Our tours are designed for individuals who are reasonably active and may include a significant amount of walking. Tour participants should be prepared for various terrains, such as steep inclines, cobblestone paths, grassy areas, dirt tracks, uneven surfaces, and locations that may have limited access for vehicles, as well as navigating stairs. It is essential for each participant to be capable of independently entering and exiting the tour vehicle. We strongly recommend that all individuals joining the tour be in good health to fully enjoy the experience.

16. The travel arrangements made for clients adhere to the Conditions of Carriage; any expenses for non-refundable items procured by BG on behalf of a client must be borne by the client themselves.

17. Luggage for participants should be limited to one standard-size suitcase per person, with maximum dimensions of 30x18x10 inches, in addition to a smaller day pack, purse, or camera bag for daily use during the tour. Luggage exceeding 40 lbs (approximately 18 kg) may not be accepted, in line with local safety guidelines.

19. The Tour Operator reserves the right to modify itineraries during a tour as deemed necessary or desirable, catering to travelers who value flexibility and wish to enjoy a distinctive, enriching, and insightful vacation. Although major sites listed are typically visited, the itineraries should be considered flexible guidelines designed to accommodate special events and opportunities that arise along the tour route.

20. BG retains the authority to impose surcharges or cancel a tour should the minimum number of participants not be met for a scheduled departure. In the case of custom tour packages, BG may also apply surcharges or cancel a tour if the number of travelers falls below the initially booked numbers, striving to prevent the disappointment of tour cancellations whenever possible.

21. Despite thorough proofreading of our website and promotional materials before publication, BG cannot be held responsible for typographical errors related to pricing, dates, or tour descriptions. Any such errors will be corrected promptly upon discovery.

22. It's common for guests, guides, and suppliers to share their tour photos, videos, and messages of thanks. By participating, guests consent to the use of these genuine travel moments in BG's promotional materials, website, and social media platforms. Guests not wishing to have their images used are encouraged to notify BG in writing.