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Destinations with Bonisa Global
A panoramic view of South Africa's diverse landscapes - from the lush Garden Route to the rugged Drakensberg Mountains.
Discover Southern Africa's Hidden Treasures
At Bonisa Global, we take you beyond the usual tourist spots, unveiling the true essence of South Africa. Dive deep into the heart of our nation, exploring destinations that resonate with history, culture, and unparalleled natural beauty.
12 Days Cross South Africa Tour
Discover the diverse beauty of South Africa, from the breathtaking views atop Table Mountain and the historic Robben Island to the exhilarating game drives in Kruger National Park. Sail the tranquil waters of Knysna Lagoon, marvel at the subterranean wonders of Cango Caves, and encounter vibrant birdlife at Birds of Eden.
Cape Town & Surrounds Tour
From the historic streets of Bo-Kaap to the serene vineyards of Stellenbosch, Cape Town and its surrounds promise a blend of culture, adventure, and scenic beauty.
Cape Tow & Garden Route Tour
Drive through one of the world's most picturesque routes. The Garden Route offers pristine beaches, lush forests, and charming towns waiting to be explored.
Victoria Falls Tour
Often referred to as "The Smoke that Thunders", Victoria Falls is one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The town of Livingstone serves as the primary base for exploring the falls.
Zimbabwe & Chobe Tour
Experience the enchanting allure of Zimbabwe with a diverse array of activities, from a serene dinner on the Zambezi River and an awe-inspiring tour of the majestic Victoria Falls to thrilling game drives in Vic Falls and Chobe National Parks. Dive deep into local culture with a visit to the Mpisi Village, encounter majestic elephants up close, marvel at the fierce beauty of crocodiles at the ranch, and cap off your adventure with a vibrant Boma dinner and traditional drum show.
Can't find what you're looking for? At Bonisa Global, we specialize in crafting bespoke tours tailored to your desires. Let us curate a unique journey just for you.
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Why Explore with Bonisa Global?
Authentic Experiences:
Bonisa Global prides itself on offering tours that dive deep into the heart of South Africa. Instead of just visiting popular tourist spots, travelers get to immerse themselves in local cultures, traditions, and hidden gems that many tourists miss out on. With Bonisa, you experience South Africa as locals do.
Expert Knowledge and Guidance:
Our team consists of seasoned guides who not only know the terrain but also the stories, history, and significance of each destination. Their expertise ensures that travelers gain a richer understanding and appreciation of the places they visit, turning each tour into an educational journey.
Sustainable and Responsible Tourism
Bonisa Global is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices. We believe in treading lightly on our beautiful land, ensuring that our tours have minimal environmental impact. Additionally, we support local communities, ensuring that tourism benefits are shared equitably.
Personalized and Tailored Tours
Every traveler is unique, and so are their interests. Bonisa Global offers the flexibility of customizing tours to suit individual preferences. Whether it's a focus on wildlife, culture, adventure, or relaxation, we craft experiences that resonate with each traveler's desires.
Safety and Comfort First
Traveling with Bonisa Global means you're in safe hands. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests, ensuring that all aspects of the tour, from transportation to accommodation, meet the highest standards. Our team is trained to handle emergencies, ensuring peace of mind throughout the journey.
A True Taste of South African Hospitality
Bonisa Global embodies the warm and welcoming spirit of South African hospitality. From the moment you start your journey with us, you're treated as part of the Bonisa family. Expect heartfelt interactions, delightful surprises, and a genuine desire to make your trip unforgettable.
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