Delicious South African Foods

Delicious South African Foods

When visiting a foreign country, it is obvious that you would like to experience its atmosphere, history, culture and more often its food. Here are some delicious South African foods you have to try.

Droëwors and biltong

Dry curing was a technique used to preserve meat by the native clans of South Africa before refrigerators were even imagined. Normally produced using minced beef or game, like springbok, biltong (a daintily cut, air-dried meat) and droëwors (an air-dried sausage) are generally eaten as bites. The meat is relieved in a combination of vinegar, salt, sugar and flavours like coriander and pepper, at that point hung to dry. The completed item is valued by wellbeing aficionados for its high protein and low fat substance. These days, biltong and droëwors makers regularly add flavouring, for example, bean stew or garlic to the meat and utilize an assortment of meats, like ostrich and wild hog.


This is a conventional South African frankfurter produced using meat, blended in with one or the other pork or sheep and a combination of flavours. Boerewors is customarily served in a curled shape, like the Cumberland wiener and cooked on a braai (grill). The word boerewors comes from the Afrikaans and Dutch words boer (farmer) and wors (frankfurter).

Cape Malay curry

In the seventeenth century, the Dutch and French landed and settled in Cape Town, bringing slaves from Indonesia, India and Malaysia, along with their spices and conventional cooking strategies. When joined with local produce, the sweet-smelling flavours like cinnamon, saffron, turmeric and bean stew made fragrant curries and stews, which are mainstream dishes to this day.

Malva pudding

A Dutch import, Malva pudding is a sweet and tacky prepared wipe pudding made with apricot jam and served covered in a hot cream sauce. This is South Africa's comeback to the British tacky toffee pudding, served in numerous eateries yet fundamentally heated at home for Sunday lunch.


For a genuine taste of South Africa a real braai or shisa nyama ('consume the meat' in Zulu) is an eating experience not to be missed. Braais started in the municipalities of Johannesburg, with butchers who set up grills before their shops at ends of the week to flame broil their meat and sell it in the city.

Bunny chow

This urban dish from Durban has gotten well known across South Africa and has even hit food markets in England. A Bunny chow consists of emptied out portions of bread, loaded down with zesty curry which was initially made by the outsider Indian people group in the Natal space of Durban and served to laborers for lunch.

Amarula Don Pedro

This mixed drink come-dessert utilizes South African Amarula, a cream alcohol produced using the native marula organic product, mixed with frozen yogurt. Discover it in each bar or take a container of Amarula home to make your own.


Another dish thought to have been brought to South Africa by Asian pioneers, Bobotie is currently the public dish of the country and cooked in numerous homes and cafés. Minced meat is stewed with a variety of flavours, generally curry powder, spices and dried natural product, at that point finished off with a combination of egg and milk and heated until set.


Last on our list of delicious South African foods is melktert. Like the British custard tart or Portuguese pasteis de nata, melktert comprises of a cake case loaded up with milk, eggs and sugar, which is generally thickened with flour. The completed tart is customarily cleaned with cinnamon. A genuine South African solace food, it is filled in as a pastry, and furthermore accessible in numerous bread kitchens.